Waimata Cheese is a family owned and operated cheese company involved in every aspect of the process. The family grows the grass, milks the cows, makes and distributes the cheese. Their commitment to quality control at every level of production reflects the passion Waimata Cheese has for the fine art of cheese making. Waimata Cheese offers an excellent selection of cheeses for any restaurant or café. From a slightly spicy brie coated with finely ground East Coast Manuka leaves to fresh mozzarella, Waimata Cheese has a range of delicious, award-winning cheeses that impress every time. However, it is the Waimata Cheese Blue Vein that is the star.

Waimata Cheese has been making its French-styled blue vein for over twenty years. The orange rind occurs naturally in the cheese cellar and adds a sweet composty aroma to this rich creamy blue cheese, complimenting the peppery blue mould and delicate saltiness. With extra cream added to the milk, Waimata Cheese achieves a melting creamy texture that makes this cheese perfect for a cheese board or as an ingredient in sauces and dressings.

Waimata Cheese is available online from Gisborne Gourmet www.gisbornegourmet.com or contact Gene directly at gene@gisbornegourmet.com.

“Slightly salty with a creamy texture, this French styled blue vein can bring eye closing moments when paired with a sweet fruit chutney or onion jam.”
Adam Hart, Chef