There’s a new plant-based drink in town out to rival the ubiquitous coconut water. Maple water is packed full of electrolytes and low in calories, and the subtly sweet sap from the maple tree is quickly becoming the popular health drink for people on the go.

Not to be confused with maple syrup, maple water is the clear and nutrient-rich sap, which is sustainably harvested each spring by tapping into the maple tree (a technique that was passed onto early Canadian settlers by indigenous Native Americans). Like coconut water, maple water is a great natural hydrator but is lower in calories and has a fresher, cleaner taste with a hint of maple sweetness.

Containing over 46 bioactive nutrients including antioxidants, electrolytes minerals and amino acids, maple water is perfect for consumers to enjoy on a hot summer’s day or as a post workout recovery drink.

Matakana SuperFoods offers three flavours of USDA certified organic NECTA Maple Water; Cranberry & Blueberry, Pure Maple Water and Lemon Tea. For more information email, call 09 422 9618 or visit today.