A Melbourne steakhouse has been the scene of a dramatic and loud protest by anti-meat groups Direct Action Everywhere Melbourne and Melbourne Cow Save Animal Liberation Army. The group entered the Rare Steakhouse at 6:30pm "to speak up for animals where their dead bodies were being consumed".

"It was hard to communicate with them," said manager Arryanne McIntosh. "I asked who was in charge and one lady said 'we all are'. We were trying to talk to them but they were quite in-your-face with talking and speaking over the top of you — they were very loud, yelling."

While most diners were bemused at the scenes playing out in front of them and continued eating, McIntosh reported that some were upset by the protest.

"You're coming in for dinner and spending X amount of money — you don't want people yelling in your face," she said. "A couple of tables were very upset, to be honest, one table in particular was very emotional. We just did the best we could to calm the people, give them comfort that the police were coming."

Police arrived about 15 minutes, with a police spokesperson saying that the protestors left when asked. There were no arrests or injuries.