Vegan Sausage Awards NZ

New Zealand continues to lead the way in plant-based innovations by hosting the Vegan Sausage Awards.

Sausages are part of Kiwi culture, as we cook outdoors on the BBQ during summer. But with more people going vegan to improve their health and reduce their carbon footprint, Vegan Sausage options have stepped up to the plate. Made with well-known ingredients such as soy, wheat, tapioca and rice flour, and flavoured with an array of onions, garlic, herbs and spices, judge Sainsbury reckons you could serve last year’s winner Beyond Sausage, to meat-eaters and they would be none the wiser.

There has been a 36 percent growth in the plant-based sector to cater to the one-third of Kiwis reducing or eliminating meat in their diets, with a rise in meat alternatives and plant-based options now available in New Zealand.

This year’s judges include vegan and comedian Tom Sainsbury, as well as Food and Beverage Industry’s Aaron Pucci. Sainsbury is impressed with the rise in plant-based ‘meats’ becoming available, with each one tastier than the last, but is also ready to put them to the test.

Try all the different options to find which one is your favourite, or simply try the Award winners’ at the Vegan Sausage Awards.

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