Vegan Recipes Spike In Kiwi Christmas Food Searches

If New Zealand’s Google searches are anything to go by then it’s beginning to look a lot like a meat-free Christmas, with Google reporting the biggest jump in searches for ‘vegan Xmas recipes’ and ‘green salad recipes’.

Owner and chef at Wellington vegetarian restaurant Hillside, Asher Boote, thought a big part of it was seasonal.

“Over here Christmas is in the middle of summer and everything that’s in season and tastes good is plant-based,” he said, referring to New Zealand’s bounty of stone fruits, berries and fresh vegetables. “We’re not in the doldrums of winter where we’ve inherited that meat menu from.”

In the last week, among the ten Christmas-related food searches to see the biggest traffic spike in New Zealand, only three specify meat: ‘Christmas ham recipe NZ’ is in third place, while we appear to be envisaging doing our lamb on the barbie, with ‘Christmas butterflied lamb’ at number seven and ‘Moroccan lamb steak recipes’ at nine.

Kiwis are more down for a ‘vegetable medley Christmas lunch than either lamb recipe, however, with it in fourth place, while googling recipes for a gluten-free Christmas brunch came in at number five.

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