Freshly produced Ceylon tea is transformed into a tea concentrate within hours of picking using state of the art, ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 22000: 2005 certified manufacturing facility on Dilmah’s Rilhena Estate in Sri Lanka. This method locks in the freshness and natural antioxidants with the assurance of real Ceylon Tea taste. It’s full of natural goodness. Using three percent cane sugar and sweetened with stevia leaves and bee honey, totalling no more than 4.5 percent natural sugars. Absolute convenience, just pump and add water to make iced tea, tea-infused water, sparkling iced tea, frozen tea (with slush machine).

Four Black Tea Flavours are available in New Zealand: Lemon & Lime, Pear, Peach & Almond, Lychee. Visit www.dilmah.co.nz/elixir for more information.