Trends | Burgers

With International Burger Day just around the corner on May 28th, now is the perfect time to see what is trending regarding flavours, meat, and buns.

Instead of the traditional salad of iceberg lettuce, tomato and onion, why not use a coleslaw mix? Not only does a coleslaw include more vegetables than would typically be in a burger, but it also blends well with sauces such as mayonnaise. Coleslaws are often seen at a summer barbeque, and with winter only a few days away, this could be a nostalgic reminder of warmer weather. Don't think that coleslaw is the only option; explore adding broccoslaw for a secret addition of broccoli that no one would suspect or using red cabbage for an effective colour.

Meat is the central part of a burger and often the source of protein. But if a beef patty is too mainstream, consider broadening your horizons. Use falafel instead, offering a nutritious replacement and new flavours and spices. If seafood is what floats your boat, look into offering a shrimp burger. Both roughly chopped and finely pulsed shrimp and breadcrumbs offer a new and exciting alternative. Match this with a splash of 1000 Island dressing and iceberg lettuce, and you will have a new way of presenting a shrimp cocktail.

Buns often make or break a burger, with big debates on personal preferences. For a clean and sleek look, go for brioche buns. Brioche is known for glazed tops and perfectly round shapes, offering a stylish way to present a burger. For a more rustic look, baps are the best option. With a decent size and floury top, the doughy bread will add to any flavour you choose.

International Burger Day is the best way to show off innovative skills in a way that everyone loves. Let your creative juices flow, and see what you can develop.