Restaurants and cafés are undoubtedly scrambling to get themselves ready for the busy summer season. What better time to take the family and friends out than a hot summer day? But are you ready? Restaurant and Café have provided ten top tips to help in the preparation.

  1. Additional Staff – Summer is going to be busy. Have you got enough staff to cope with the increased foot traffic? Also, keep in mind that lots of staff are going to want time off. Planning ahead for this will ensure you are never short-staffed.
  2. Advertising – People will likely have a little more time to play with. This means that there is more chance for you to advertise to your clientele in their downtime. Thinking about online advertising and social media exposure is essential in today’s culinary world.
  3. Special Menu – A special menu for the summer period is an excellent way to encourage new guests, and excite returning guests. It is also a good time for your chefs to try a few new things. Nothing says Christmas and festivities like the gift of a new menu.
  4. Wines, Spirits and Beers – Summer brings the opportunity for a drinks list refreshing. Craft beer is booming around the country, and offering a seasonal or rotating list of beers is a good way to get patrons through the door. Offering festive drinks, whether it’s themed cocktails, or holiday-specific drinks is another option.
  5. Training – Good staff will mean less worry for you. They will provide better service to your guests and encourage customer loyalty. Now is a good time to train up new staff, utilising the knowledge of your senior staff members. Especially if you are looking to hire new staff, getting them prepared for the rushes inbound is essential—failing to plan, is planning to fail.
  6. Catering for Children – It’s important to realise that families will be out in full force over summer. With the kids off school, they’ll be joining in on the dining-out trips. A tailored kids menu that includes options, colour, and a healthy offering will be a big drawing point for any family unit. Additionally, having decorations and entertainment that the kids can enjoy while they’re in the venue helps bring customers in, and stay in.
  7. Preparing for Peak Periods – There will likely be a lot of events, Christmas functions, and the like, happening all around. Things like these have the power to influence your business. Identifying and preparing for these peak times is something that will help you stay ahead.
  8. Decoration – Thinking of ways in which you can spice up the standard décor is one way to help guests into the jolly season. Families will be out, and kids love lights and colours and Christmas trees. While there is a time and place for tinsel, based on your customer base, perhaps there are more appropriate options.
  9. Discounts and Vouchers – Holiday season means gift-giving. If you don’t already offer customers vouchers, why not release a few for the summer? This will mean that they can share their favourite restaurant with their friends and family.
  10. Facilities – More guests means more crockery, cutlery, seats, napkins and stock. Although budgets may be tight, perhaps now is the right time to stock up on these things so that you aren’t running out of clean teaspoons on a busy Boxing Day service.

One way of ensuring summer’s boom is streamlined comes from having an effective POS system. Extraorder’s app replaces the traditional printed menu allowing guests to view and order via their mobile devices. It is easy to use and takes the pressure off your busy staff. Not only does it help with ordering, but Extraorder doubles as a management tool, allowing customer service to remain the focus of all staff involved.