Raquel Pelzel

Savoury and meaty or sweet and topped with white chocolate, toast is no more regarded just as a quick, casual meal, but rather as a ‘sophisticated evolution of the sandwich’, as award-winning food writer Raquel Pelzel put it.
While working on her latest cookbook, ‘Toast’, Pelzel made around five hundred toasts. “Once you begin to explore the world of toasts, you may start putting everything on top of toasted bread, even apple pie,” she said, and you can take her word for it.
Recipes are divided by season, with each of the four chapters including a couple of recipes from renowned chefs and food writers. Although the book offers a two-page ‘toasting primer’ to help readers get the best out of each slice of bread, Pelzel underlined that preparing a toast is mostly a matter of creativity and inspiration, so you can choose the method that best suits your recipe.
Brooklyn-based Raquel Pelzel has been featured in Saveur, The Wall Street Journal, Fine Cooking and Shape, to name a few. She has co-authored 18 cookbooks, with ‘Toast’ being her first solo venture.