Since August 2016, a small team of dumpling lovers have been doing business in the backstreets of Ellerslie. The Rolling Pin, run by Gordon Kong, his wife and three more part-time staff offer a cute (“another word for small,” Gordon explained) menu of steamed Chinese dumplings with Asian slaw. “All our dumplings are handmade using traditional methods and each dish is packed with carefully crafted flavours and texture,” he said. “From the softness of pastry and crunch of shallots and peanuts, hot dumplings and cold slaw to sweet, sour and spicy homemade sauce.”

The passion for dumplings is part of The Rolling Pin’s dream to share Chinese culture with the world, a passion forged over more than ten years working in hotels and kitchens outside of his homeland. “As a Chinese man, I want to promote our traditional food to the Western cultures. I also want to provide Chinese food with healthy options, eco friendly and outstanding customer service.” The Rolling Pin has had success at a number of high-profile events, including the General Collective Market Day, the Urban Street Fest and Auckland’s Laneway Festival.

Homemade sambal sauce is the key ingredient, Gordon told Restaurant & Cafe. “We also use pulled beef cheef instead of traditional beef mince, to make a unique flavour and texture. And we combine Asian slaw with the dish. All these different elements make our dish unique and stand out in dumpling history!”