The rising cost of Gram-worthy toast

The past few months have seen the continual increase in avocado prices. Currently, they are potentially at an all-time high—up to $10 a pop.

Although this may mean a reduction in avo on toast for your Instagram newsfeed, restaurants and cafés around New Zealand are also feeling the heat. The increase in costs has either meant that the menu prices are increasing, too, or, in some cases, avo has simply been removed from the establishment altogether. Prices are expected to continue to rise until at least June. Avocado harvest usually runs from around August to February; however autumn and winter prices often soar to more than two, or three times the price of spring/summer avos.

Jen Scoular, New Zealand Avocado chief executive, said, “We have recently had a medium volume season and supply is particularly low at the moment. However, we expect to see new season Hass avocados available from late July.”

New Zealand does not currently import any avocados due to the risk of biosecurity.