The Revive Café Cookbook 7

By Jeremy Dixon

The latest Revive Cookbook is now totally vegan and features even more healthy and delicious recipes. Revive’s delicious food contains whole grains, plant-based protein, fresh produce and virtually no processed sugars or flours. All the recipes in this book are dairy and egg free and most are gluten-free.

Jeremy Dixon has created 13 vegan cheese recipes using plant-based alternatives that will satisfy, including a cheddar, paneer, mozzarella balls, halloumi, nacho cheese sauce and a grateable cheese. Vegan cheese recipes can be complicated, but Dixon has spent hours testing to create recipes that are as simple as possible and bulletproof.

The book is not just savoury food, and the Revive Café 7 Cookbook also features three of the most popular sweets from the Revive Café this year – Pistachio and Rose Slice, ‘Too good to be true’ Tiramasu, and Mocca Slice.