Brody Jenkins and Josh Barlow met while working at The Grove, and joked about the idea of one day operating a food truck. Years later, over a couple of beers, the JoBros formed.

“We started a little later than we had hoped,” said Jenkins. “Around February of this year, where we just missed the summer rush.” The JoBros specialises in building burgers as sustainably as possible. “We use fresh, local produce with an option for vegans and vegetarians alike.” But the headliner of their menu remains the ‘JoBros Original’ Jenkins quipped. “You’ll understand once you’ve tried it.”

While the JoBros mainly operate on weekends and weeknights, they are ambitious and expectant of a busy year this year, especially as summer nears. Currently, it is mostly just the two of them working in the truck, but Jenkins’ brother helps out, as well a couple of other friends where needed.

Given both Jenkin’s and Barlow’s extensive experience across some of New Zealand’s most notable restaurants, it’s safe to assume that your burger is in capable hands. “Our attention to detail, and following our tails and making sure that we’re working as sustainably as possible would be our main point of difference.”

Jenkins noted that the food truck industry is a lot more collaborative than one may see from the outside. “Most of us know each other through some form of second-degree connection, and the food markets definitely create that community vibe that I think has been missing for a long time in Auckland.” The food truck industry is collaborative, but still requires the foot traffic of customers. This is something that Jenkins encouraged people to support, as it not only brings new opportunities and a fun day out but helps out the smaller vendors chasing their dreams.

“I think that most chefs have at some point, had the dream of having a food truck. It’s the most affordable and viable option for most people, as well as offering the freedom of working for yourself and making all the decisions.”

Organic, sustainable and eco-friendly food is certainly trending in the foodservice industry, and Jenkins said the same thing could be said for the food truck industry. The JoBros support local producers that grow organically, without sprays or anything else nasty.

“The upcoming summer season will be busy, but we’re sure we can smash it. We’ll be at Hidden Valley and Highlife Festival, both of which will be a fun challenge.” As Jenkins said if all things go according to plan, they will hopefully be opening up a store a little further into the future.