Gone are the days of the minced beef patty and a slice of cheese – consumers are demanding more and more extravagant creations between their buns. Even McDonald’s got in on the trend, offering self-made ‘Create Your Taste’ options and only recently replacing them with set ‘Gourmet Creations’.

Like McDonald’s, burger outlets such as Corner Burger and Burger Burger often offer two tiers of burger – standard fare and a premium tier. It isn’t just QSR or casual dining establishments taking advantage of the burger renaissance - according to research conducted by MCA Insight in the UK, burgers account for around 12 percent of all pub dinners and 16 percent of pub dinners. This marks an increase from 11 percent and 13 percent respectively from 2016.

Data from MCA also showed that of all new burgers added to menus in 2017, 20 percent of the burgers were chicken, compared with 58 percent for beef.