It has been said that milk suffers from an inter-generational image problem. Milk doesn’t have the same appeal to Millennial consumers, particularly cows milk. While some milk companies are tackling the issue by developing new no-dairy based milks and mylks, one British company is trying to jazz up the beverage by making it fizzy.

Arla, a dairy company owned by 12,500 farmers in a similar model to Fonterra, has come under pressure from competitors offering non-dairy alternatives. The company has announced that a sparkling fruit and milk drink will be trialled in the UK, Singapore and the UAE before being rolled out across the world.

Fizzy milk doesn’t have the best track record, with both Britvic and Coca-Cola trying and failing to launched carbonated dairy beverages in the last decade.

The fizzy drink is the creation of German biochemist Sven Thormahlen and ex-Heinz developer Matt Walker, who are suggesting that while the drink will primarily be directed at teens and Millennials, the drink could also be used in cocktails.