The Family of Twelve Wine Tutorial 2020

The Family of Twelve, New Zealand’s wine family is thrilled to announce the twelve wine professionals selected as The Family of Twelve Wine Tutorial participants for 2020.

Due to COVID, the 2020 tutorial was postponed, but this won’t stop The Family from engaging with this year’s participants.

Through a series of virtual blind-tasting workshops, they will showcase the Family’s best with a few fine international wines to challenge their palates. From an impressive field of applicants, there is a cohort of passionate and energised participants. In keeping with the Family’s mission to take its story to the wine-world this year’s participants all hail from cities known for the cosmopolitanism and dynamism of their wine appreciation.

Comprising of sommeliers, educators, and wine merchants the Family is thrilled to name four participants from Sydney, three from Melbourne, and one each from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown.

For the virtual tastings, The Family will be shipping wines to the participants who’ll gather in small groups, by city, to taste simultaneously with its winemakers who’ll have the same wines at home in New Zealand.

The event kicks off with tastings in Wellington, Sydney and Auckland. Early in 2021, it will do the same for Melbourne, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The participants will be tutored by Family winemakers once again led by Blair Walter of Felton Road.

“This will be another exciting learning opportunity for the twelve successful wine industry participants. The workshops will be compelling events allowing our winemakers to impart their knowledge, stories and experience,” commented Walter.

“We hope these workshops will be challenging but hugely enjoyable. Serious fun is a family motto” said Paul Donaldson, Family Chair.

The Kiwi wine industry needs both excellence in marketing and distribution, but it also needs gatekeepers to be valued and encouraged. The Family noted that the workshops are a way of expressing its gratitude to those who are the face of the industry as they engage with wine lovers and educate fellow wine professionals.

“They are our ambassadors and we hope these workshops will help develop the skills of those showing potential to take New Zealand wine’s message of diversity and character to the world.

The Family is known for innovation, it developed the Wine Tutorial three years ago and continues its commitment to education and marking a path for the future.

Please see for the full participant list.