Customers heading to McDonald's hoping to create their own customised burger are set to be disappointed, with the fast food giant seemingly phasing out Create Your Taste and replacing it with set ‘Gourmet Creations’ burgers.

A spokesperson from McDonald's said the move was about evolving with customer preferences.

“Customers told us they wanted to be able to enjoy great tasting, gourmet burgers when dining in or when visiting us through Drive-Thru.”

“The move to the set burger builds in the Gourmet Creations range, rather than different builds for every customer’s burger, means the burger preparation process is simpler for our kitchen staff. Speeding up the process means our full range of gourmet burgers can be served at Drive-Thru without holding up waiting customers.”

Create Your Taste was introduced across the country at the end of 2015 in an attempt by the company to rebrand from typical fast food. Customised burgers would take between five and seven minutes to create and were delivered to the customers’ table by staff. Renovations were carried out across the country to make room for the new initiative. Greenlane McDonalds in Auckland underwent significant renovation, reportedly costing up to $2 million.

McDonald's ended Create Your Taste in the USA in December 2016, replacing it with ‘Signature Crafted Recipes’.