Telegraph Hill started in 2003, with a bucket of olives at the back door. Since these early beginnings, Telegraph Hill has grown from a home business supplying the local Sunday farmers market in Hawke’s Bay to supplying nationwide and exporting their Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Products.

When sales began to grow, Telegraph Hill then transferred into a rented space, but quickly outgrew this. The company is now operating from a purpose built ‘Olivery’ in Hawke’s Bay, where they are now open to the public. The Olivery is built amongst olive trees just out of Hastings.

The business growth has been achieved through dedication to great tasting and distinctly unique products produced. Add to this the fact that many customers actually prefer to purchase New Zealand products over those that are imported, especially when they taste better.

All products are now produced at the Olivery in Hawke’s Bay, where the olives are fermented in large barrels and vats. It takes from six to twelve months to remove all bitterness from the olives, leaving a mouth-watering olive taste.

Telegraph Hill Logo_ Red Square 935x974What makes Telegraph Hill special?

Our current offering includes Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Drizzles and Vinaigrettes, Antipasto, Condiments and Sauces. All of our products are gluten free and the olives are grown in New Zealand.
Telegraph Hill is the only commercial producer of New Zealand Grown Olives. The company has won Champion Trophy, or as we like to put it ‘Best Olives in NZ’ for the last four years at the Royal Easter Olive Oil and Table Olive Competition.
Our recently launched unique product includes our Olive Oil pearls. Using molecular gastronomy techniques we encapsulate liquid olive oil inside a gel. These look and taste stunning, and can be used like Vegetarian Caviar.

What’s new at Telegraph Hill?

In May, the company won two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal in Japan at the Olive Japan Olive Oil Competition. Over 600 entries were made by companies from around the world and these medals added to the impressive 50 awards the business has received for its products since its inception.

Future plans for the company?

Currently, the owner Geoff Crawford is working to increase supermarket distribution throughout NZ. This will result in significant business growth and make our award winning NZ grown olives a lot easier for New Zealanders to buy.
The recent appointment of Grant Pemberton and his team at ISM means supermarket buyers can get Telegraph Hill products through their existing ISM sales contacts.

Where can individuals buy your product currently?

At the moment, our products are available through retail shops and the delicatessen area of supermarkets. This looks to change in the upcoming months as we make some products available for grocery, this will increase availability and convenience for people to purchase.

Entries are now open for the 2016 New Zealand Food Awards, register your interest at

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