Domino’s Pizza Inc. is opening an “Innovation Garage” in their headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to test out new foodservice technology. The new space will be over 3000m2, two-storeys tall, and will operate as a fully-functioning Domino’s lab. Although it will not be open to the public, the new space looks to serve the companies forward-thinking ideology, and develop ways to streamline operations through technology.

Within the facility, which will create space enough for 150 employees, will be meeting rooms, workspaces, and a designated delivery invention space. In the delivery invention space, Domino’s will continue to develop its fleet of robotic employees, including their unmanned autonomous delivery system. “Domino’s previously tested autonomous pizza delivery with Ford, but in that case, a safety driver was always at the wheel of the car,” said Dani Bulger, a company spokesperson. “Testing the customer interface on autonomous pizza delivery vehicles entails everything from how customers are notified that the delivery vehicle is near to seeing how customers interact with the vehicles when they retrieve their order. We want to make the customer experience as simple and as friendly as possible, so that means gathering as many learnings as we can.”

In a press statement, Kelly Garcia, Domino’s chief technology officer, said, “As a pizza company with a focus on technology, we want our team members to have a workspace that encourages experimentation and fosters an environment to take risks, test innovations and fail-fast so they can bring their best cutting-edge ideas to life for the brand’s customers and stores.”

Bugler finished, “Domino’s will continue to focus on delivery excellence—by AVs, robots, e-bikes, etc.—and innovations that benefit customers and team members, like GPS delivery tracking, hotspots, ordering kiosks, and DOM voice ordering technologies.”