Tears Shed for a Lack of Onions

A tough growing season has led to a shortage of onions on supermarket shelves and menus across the country.

A Domino’s spokesperson said the pizza chain was experiencing challenges in the supply of red onion, while a Hastings KFC had a sign on its door informing customers that, due to the red onion shortage, some burgers would be missing the ingredient.

Unusually wet weather over the last couple of weeks and the transition to a new season of onions seem to be the main causes for the shortages.

Onions are one of New Zealand’s largest vegetable export earners. About 90 percent of the onions grown in New Zealand are exported.

James Kuperus, Onions NZ chief executive, said there was a tight supply of red onions as the supply moved from last harvest’s crop to new-season onions.

“The new season harvest is under way now and the first of the red and brown onions will be distributed around the country next week.”