Target Reached

Behemoth Brewing Company has reached its $1.5 million target for their new Brew Pub & Eatery. While the excitement settles in, there is still a little more time to get in and support the dreams of Andrew and Hannah Childs of Behemoth Brewing.

For the last six years, Childs has been brewing award-winning beers in a mixture of rented spaces. Finalising the funding for the new brew space gives Behemoth a permanent home and a place to expand and develop from.

The new restaurant, named Churly’s Bar and Restaurant, will have a 3000-litre brewery for commercial brews, and a 600-litre brewery for keg-only beers. The brew space will have enough space for around 140 people and will feature an on-site butchery as well.

The equity funding started in early June, and Behemoth now has around 400 ‘Chur-holders’ involved.