In 1986, what were then known as the Printpac Food Industry Awards were held for the first time at a breakfast function at Auckland’s Hyatt Kingsgate Hotel. Winners from the first edition include Kiwi food stalwarts like Quality Bakers with their Russian Bread (PRINTPAC Product Development Award) and Pinto bag-in-box fruit juice, as well as a few up-and-comers  – like Kapiti Cheese.

“Response to the new Awards was exceptional,” said the 1986 release announcing the winners. “With almost 50 entries in seven categories, all involved were very enthusiastic over the value of such a scheme, recognising the creative work of food product developers in New Zealand.”

Thirty-one years later, and with more than 50 entries in the Artisan Award alone, a New Zealand Food Award has become the most sought-after award in the local food manufacturing industry. One of the great success stories of the Awards is Dick Hubbard. In 1989, Hubbard was part of the team which won for Foodtown Muesli. In 2010, after establishing his own cereal brand and a stint as Mayor of Auckland, the Sunday Star Times would rate Hubbards as one of the top players in the ready-to-eat cereal market.

Hubbard’s thirty-year run of success at the New Zealand Food Awards includes the Allen Bradley Ltd. Creativity Award (for Berry Berry Nice Breakfast Cereal) in 1994, the Carter Holt Harvey Packaging Premier Award (for Coco Morning) in 1995 and the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand Nutrition Award in 2004 for the Hubbards Light & Right range.

If you fancy yourself as the next Dick Hubbard, entries close today for the Massey University New Zealand Food Awards! As a leading provider of knowledge for food and health innovation in New Zealand, Massey University organises the NZ Food Awards recognising the creativity, innovation and excellence of our largest export sector. Each year the NZ Food Awards celebrate new initiatives in food and beverage production and manufacturing, identifying not only company leaders who inspire others to meet their standards of excellence but the creative work of product innovators in F&B innovation,  nutrition, enterprise, food safety and quality.

With a range of categories and the special Artisan Award sponsored by Restaurant and Café and SupermarketNews magazine there is opportunity here for brands to gain a NZ Food Awards quality mark.

The winner of the Artisan Award this year will receive a prize valued at $30,000 which includes:

  • $10,000 advertising campaign in SupermarketNews or Restaurant & Café Magazine
  • Half-day photoshoot
  • A day at the FoodBowl Auckland
  • Association memberships
  • Annual Subscription to SupermarketNews and Restaurant & Cafe magazines
  • Annual Subscription to Restaurant & Café Magazine