Green Caffeen, a swap and go coffee cup scheme in Australia, has partnered with Inner West Council and Responsible Cafes to provide a fleet of reusable cups that make it easier for locals to enjoy coffee eco-guilt-free.

The Green Caffeen scheme works through their app, where users can sign up and get an eco-friendly and reusable cup from their local participating café. Following that, customers simply need to return the cup to any Green Caffeen café within 30 days, and the service remains free.

Damien Clarke from Green Caffeen, said, “The Inner West already has a strong BYO cup culture. But everyone has those days when you forget your cup yet you still need your life-sustaining coffee to get through the day.”

“This partnership is building on the strong foundations in place and making it easy—both for customers and cafes—to reduce the waste of takeaway coffee cups.”

Green Caffeen will be available across the Inner West of Sydney from 30 July.