They’re small, red and look like little Kombi vans, and these little machines will soon be roaming the streets of Japan carrying enough sushi to feed up to 60 people.

In fantastic news for people who want sushi without the inconvenience of walking, robotics company ZMP has entered into partnership with the Ride On Express food-delivery service in order to launch the CarriRo food delivery vehicles. The CarriRo delivery robots will be fitted with laser sensors and cameras to prevent them from hitting people and objects, and at little over three feet tall are able to drive safely along the footpath. The robots will travel at around 6km/h.

While the cutest of the bunch so far, CarriRo is far from the first food robot hitting the roads. Self-driving delivery vehicles are already in use by Domino’s in Germany, and on Californian company is taking it one step further by introducing robots that can make and delivers pizzas at the same time.