Summer Time Sangria

Just in time for the Summer Sun, Zangria has released a new thirst-quenching flavour - Pineapple and Mango. Made from unique apple-grape fruit wine that is blended from Marlborough wine grapes and Hawkes Bay apples, the wine is combined with real pineapple and mango fruit juice before being topped off with sparkling water.

The new flavour joins the existing and refreshing Marlborough Rosé, Watermelon and Berries Zangria.

“We wanted to stay true to the reason we created Zangria in the first place. We took something we love and carefully crafted and re-created it into something new with a bit of soul. That’s why we say Fruit, wine and soul,” said Mitch Wiffin, Co-Founder of Zangria. 

The drink is batch brewed and contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, each can contains under 5.5 grams of fruit sugars and 4.8 percent alcohol volume. Zangria is classified as a  fruit wine and is a great substitute for a low-alcohol wine or a full-strength RTD.