Taco aficionados Sarah and Otis Frizzell from The Lucky Taco are launching a new weekly meal-kit delivery service that’s set to make life that much better for street food fans. A fun and tasty alternative to current weekly meal delivery services, Lucky Street offers an evolving line-up of the nation’s best street eats for you to recreate at home in just a few easy steps.

Launching this week, Lucky Street kicks off with cult Korean burger bar Tiger Burger, Japanese-Brazilian-Korean fusion duo the Temaki Truck, pop-up Miss Changy, Thai eatery Farang and K Rd curry house Satya, with other exciting names to be announced soon.

With two “fun, tasty and easy-to-assemble” meal-kits delivered each week, each includes award-winning Lucky Tacos and another dish that will change weekly.

The week one line-up will feature mouth-watering Chipotle Chicken Lucky Tacos with marinated free-range chicken, soft tortillas, avocado crema, pink pickle, shredded red cabbage and fresh salsa, coriander and lime, and Tiger Burger’s famous Smokey Lee Burger with free-range patties, smoky bacon rashers, aged cheddar, crispy shallots and homemade Korean BBQ sauce and aioli, with a bibimbap salad and dressing to boot.

Sarah said she and Otis love to cook - and eat. “But we know that not everyone has time to make everything from scratch or wants to eat meat and three veg every night. With Lucky Street, we’re offering something more adventurous and exciting. It’s about saying adios to mundane meals and hola to exotic flavours from around the world.”

With no complicated recipe cards, easy to follow instructional videos are instead provided via Lucky Street’s YouTube channel and social media.

Launching in Auckland for now, the duo say expansion into Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington is on the cards if the service takes off, as is more flexibility for those with dietary requirements.