Spreading the Love for Local Hospo Heroes

Local North Island cafes, restaurants and takeaway businesses will be in for a treat when Farrah’s rolls up in their newly announced ‘We Love You for Loving Local’ campervan full of adventure. The Farrah’s team is on a mission to spread some love to their long-time customers.

There will be loads of giveaways and exciting activities planned to hero local businesses and the amazing people behind them, and to generate support from the local community. The road trip begins in Whangarei and travels through ten North Island towns, including Auckland; Tauranga; Rotorua; Taupo; Napier; Wellington; Palmerston North; New Plymouth, and finishing in Hamilton. The South Island road trip is yet to be announced.

The impact of COVID-19 has been a devastating time for the hospitality industry. Before the virus, it was growing and employing 170,000 people around the country. Now, there are predictions of 51,000 hospo jobs going, with businesses closing their doors if consumers don’t get back to visiting their local eateries.

“The hospo industry is where Farrah’s started out and is still an important part of our business today. It’s pretty tough to see what’s happening out there to these remarkable hard-working people and their businesses. At Farrah’s, we are fortunate to have a passionate team who are driven to make a difference. So, we thought there is no better way than to take action by making the rubber hit the road to help reconnect Kiwi consumers with their past traditions and happy memories of dining out in their local eateries,” explained Farrah’s co-owner, Jovan Čanak.

“It’s about the little positive things we can all do that can help. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to touch every town on our trip, but we hope the message of ‘loving your local’ can resonate as a priority for consumers. Providing support during this hardship and helping to make a difference is what this road trip is all about.”

Follow Farrah’s road trip on #lovinglocalNZ to find profiles of the many amazing businesses that have been creating so much joy within these communities. The intention is to generate awareness and encourage people to support their local food outlets.

Head to @farrahsnz on Facebook and Instagram for more information and to join the journey of spreading the love to local!