Speights Offer Two For One

A survey has found that almost half of Gen Z spend 10 hours or more online per day, which limits the amount of in-person contact with others and can contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness. To encourage face-to-face connections between friends in a digitally dominated world, Speights, are calling on all Kiwis to demonstrate the power of mateship by setting aside a date to celebrate good friends. 

Encouraging New Zealanders to spread the love this May 8th, Speights will be providing Kiwis with a much-needed opportunity to break down those barriers and show their friends they care.

To mark this new calendar occasion, Speight’s is partnering with Burger Burger to provide a one-day-only Speight’s Summit Ultra Chicken Burger in a two-for-one special, to share with your mate on May 8th. The limited-edition burger comes with a crispy fried chicken thigh, mouth-watering Speight’s Summit Ultra BBQ sauce and tasty Speight’s beer-battered onion rings, the perfect feast to eat while catching up on the good times.

For many Kiwis, the laid-back and easy-going approach to friendship is often the default, with many opting for a slap on the back over having to express how they feel. However, in the evolving world of modern mateship, vulnerability and meaningful conversation can leave everyone feeling a whole lot happier and connected, and what better way to do it than sitting down with your mate over a burger and a beer.