Sizzling Summer Menu Ideas

Spruce up your summer menu with these cool ideas for hot days.


  • Innovative Ingredients

Show off your kitchen’s culinary skills by featuring house-made ingredients on your summer menu such as original salad dressings. Spruce up your summer sandwiches with freshly made mustards and ketchups and garnish your burgers with unique toppings – perhaps an Asian inspired kimchi burger?

Homemade condiments are a cost-effective way to help establish your restaurant or café’s brand.

  • Keep it Casual

Summer means relaxing, capture that laid-back feeling with a casual summer lunch menu. Seafood goes down really well in the summertime so how about crab cake burgers or grilled fish tacos.

Keep it simple and tell a story of time and place by featuring local produce.

  • Spotlight Salads

Of course, salads are a summer go-to, but instead of keeping them as a side, make them the star of your seasonal menu. Fill bowls with locally sourced greens and top with your house-made dressings. Create solid base salads with interchangeable protein options like fish, chicken or tofu.

  • Cool Cocktails

Make room on the menu for drinks that celebrate the season, particularly the sweet summer fruit that is available by mixing a berry inspired mojito. Remember, cocktails don’t have to involve alcohol, take advantage of the growing low-to-no alcohol trend by offering virgin versions of your best selling boozy treats.

  • Don’t Bake Divine Desserts

No need to fire up the ovens for dessert, instead, tempt warm-weather customers with cool classics like silky sorbets and rich house-made ice creams.

Showcase local fruit produce with homemade ice blocks – for an adults-only version add some spirits to the mix.