SIAL China, Asia’s largest food and beverage innovation exhibition, is proud to announce the European Union (EU) as the Region of Honour at this year’s exhibition, scheduled from May 16th to May 18th, 2018, in Shanghai. Having the EU as Region of Honour at SIAL China 2018 celebrates the strong economic relationship between the EU and China. As the Region of Honour, the EU pavilion and some 25 EU member state pavilions occupying more than 6,000 sqm of exhibition space will receive increased exposure.

China has become an important market for EU food and beverage products. In 2016, China was the second largest importer of EU agricultural and processed agricultural products, receiving 8.7 percent of all EU agricultural exports. EU imports from China represent 4.5 percent of EU total agri-food imports. Besides growing agri-food trade, China and the EU have also collaborated to promote food safety and tackle food fraud. At SIAL China 2018, the EU pavilion will offer exciting activities, including cooking demonstrations, innovative EU-Chinese product pairing demonstrations by famous chefs, and information sessions on EU food quality and safety policies to compliment the wide variety of safe and quality agricultural food and beverage products presented at the EU member states pavilions.

“We are delighted to announce the EU as the Region of Honour at SIAL China 2018. As the Region of Honour, the EU pavilion and EU member states will receive increased exposure to professional Chinese and international visitors,” said Jim Liu, president of SIAL China. “We have witnessed an increase in consumer demand for EU food and beverage products in China, and by having the EU as Region of Honour can only help to promote further interest.”

A new record-breaking crowd of 110,000 professionals is expected at SIAL China 2018, presenting a unique opportunity for the industries to open new avenues of distribution and collaboration. With an estimated 3,400 exhibitors representing more than 70 countries, occupying 162,000 sqm of exhibition space divided into 21 unique food and beverage sectors across 13 halls, this years’ exhibition is poised to provide even more opportunities for international collaboration and industry innovation than ever before.

For more information about the EU as the Region of Honour at SIAL China 2018, check the SIAL China website ( Attendees are encouraged to pre-register online (, it’s quick, easy and free.