Shake Out Set to Divide the Nation with its New Treat

Drawing battle lines across the world, liquorice has forever been a hot topic but its multi-layer allsorts counterpart continues to be a popular choice for Kiwis across the country. Now, local burger joint Shake Out is set to divide the nation with its innovative take on the controversial treat.

In celebration of the classic combination, Shake Out has unveiled its latest limited-edition shake in partnership with beloved Levin based-brand RJ’s: the Licorice Smallsort shake.

Made up of a triple-layered treat of pineapple, lime, coconut and NZ soft serve blend base, the shake features an RJ’s liquorice layer topped with lime cream, finished off with the RJ’s Licorice Smallsorts themselves.

With a fanatical following nationwide, Shake Out stores in Auckland, Palmerston North and Hamilton East will be serving up the new Licorice Smallsort shake so long-time liquorice lovers can get a taste of the action.