The popularity of coffee as both a beverage and natural stimulant is not only due to its capability to keep us awake and productive during a long day. Equally important for its triumphant success around the world is its characteristic, rich flavour, which is one of its most important quality features.

Consequently, coffee manufacturers want to make sure that only products of excellent sensory quality leave their house.

Here, aromaLAB´s new coffee sensory kit comes into play. It contains ready-made solutions of aroma compounds – key aroma compounds as well as typical off-flavours – adapted to the sensory qualities of coffee and the specific needs of coffee manufacturers.

Each sensory kit contains 15 ampoules with one selected aroma compound per ampoule. Whether your interest in the flavour of coffee is of professional or private nature, aromaLAB´s sensory kit for key aroma compounds and off-flavours in coffee is the right choice for you. It is ready to use, easy to handle and comes with detailed instructions for correct and effective use. The coffee sensory kit can be ordered via