The International Culinary Studio has launched a search for New Zealand’s most influential chef. The chosen chef will be awarded a cash prize to donate to a charity of their choice, as well as a commemorative plaque. The winner will be announced in January of next year, and the search is limited only to the individual must have worked as a chef; they can also be from past or present.

“New Zealand has an incredibly strong heritage of cuisine with so many talented, innovative Kiwi chefs making a name for themselves both here and overseas. It’ll be really interesting to see who people think has been the most influential chef of all time,” said Cheryl Nesbitt, founder of the International Culinary Studio.

“They could be head chef at a fine dining restaurant or perhaps they are out there cooking the best street food. We just want to know who has made the most important impact, in the opinion of New Zealanders. Hopefully, we’ll be able to run this search every year as the results are sure to shift a bit—as new chefs come up through the ranks and make their own mark on the culinary landscape, for example,” said Nesbitt.

Kiwis can vote for who think is New Zealand’s most influential chef at