Peter Pipers grow their own jalapeno peppers in the far north in Doubtless Bay, raised outdoors in the sun and spray free.

“The chilies are bright red and absolutely bursting with flavour when they get handpicked from the bushel. We then Manuka smoke the chilies for several hours until the chili caramelises and the fruit is sticky to the touch,” co-creator Barry Power said.

No thickeners, preservatives or colouring are added and the flavour is all natural.

“Chilies grown naturally in fertile soil full of micro-organisms and rich in minerals and nutrients gives a far superior taste experience and more nutrition than something grown in the hothouse or intensively farmed.

“We wanted to be 100 per cent certain that when someone buys a bottle they are eating the cleanest, purest handmade sauce we could possibly make, and that was paramount to us and worth all the blood, sweat and tears. We ourselves like to eat healthy locally sourced food and want to help everyone else do the same.”

Peter Pipers bought some land from the Olive Grove last year and can now increase their production, and have a small co-op kitchen with Out of the Dark Mushrooms and Equagold in Auckland.

They’ve had a number of requests from cafes and restaurants to supply catering packs and are presently working on how best to do that.

“A couple of new sauces are on the cards as well.”

For more information contact Barry Power on  027 239 2020.