Richard Corrigan blasts vegans

This year’s British Pie Awards were the first of its kind to see a non-meat pie win the top spot. Michelin-starred chef, Richard Corrigan, did not find this amusing. “Pies are supposed to be filled with the most delicious morsels of steak and liver and kidney, with the jelly and little pieces of fat in the middle delicately dripping onto your tongue. A vegan pie? Give me a break.”

Corrigan went on to describe how vegans have “taken away” pies. “Please, please, I’m going to cry. The oldest culinary art form left in the world and the vegans have taken it away.” But he didn’t stop there. Corrigan, who has cooked twice for the Queen went on to say, “It’s a disgrace. The millennials have taken over. It’s not a pie competition. It’s a pie in the sky competition. We should all just retire now.”

The pie that won the competition was a sweet curried potato, butternut squash and spinach pie which was highly coveted by the judges. Matthew O’Callaghan, chairman of the British Pie Award, said, “This year’s supreme champion was outstanding and well deserving of the accolade. This pie isn’t just for vegans. It’s a pie for everybody. With this award, we can truly say that veganism is now entering the mainstream of British food.”