Reducing waste and increasing taste

New Zealand-based retailer, Twiice, is launching a range of single-use cups that uniquely combat the plastic waste problem—they are edible. The plastic waste issue has become an essential matter for the foodservice industry to collaborate on, as it is easy to forget about correct recycling practices during a busy lunch rush. However, Twiice offers consumers an opportunity to drink their coffee and eat the cup. Instead of filling their mouth with ceramic, customers will be able to bite into a delicious biscuit that tastes like cookies, and retains its shape without getting soggy. Not only can the cup be used for coffee, but the cookie taste lends itself to being a perfect ice cream or dessert container, too. On top of this, the cups are also compostable, but who would throw away a coffee-soaked cookie?

Currently, Twiice is based in Auckland, but they are hoping to expand. While they are taking off the ground now, pre-orders are available through the Twiice website.

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