The Chia Sisters are bringing the first ready-to-drink hemp protein smoothie to New Zealand. With all-natural and plant-based ingredients, this new drink presents itself as one of the most innovative and sustainable products on the market, on top of being filled with nutrition. The smoothies will be available in two flavours, Berry (blueberry, strawberry, boysenberry, blackcurrant and ground chia), and Cacao and Banana (with strawberry and ground chia).

With the popularity that hemp-based products have found in the short time that they have been available in the foodservice industry, this product is a must-have. The Chia Sisters produce premium juices and smoothies contained within recycled glass bottles from their solar-powered juicery in Nelson. Recently, they have also announced that they plan to go carbon neutral and climate positive—a first amongst Nelson businesses.

“Hemp is one of the world’s most sustainable forms of protein,” said Florence Van Dyke, co-founder of Chia Sisters. “This, combined with a rich nutritional profile, means it is forecasted to be a world leader in the health and wellness space in New Zealand between now and 2022.”

“As a crop, hemp has a significant positive environmental impact, requiring relatively little water to grow and soaking up five times the CO2 of the average tree. As the most sustainable source of protein in New Zealand, hemp was the natural choice for Chia Sisters’ latest innovation.”