After a lifetime of chronic digestive issues, Scott Mathias has wholeheartedly committed to raw vegan food and, in his second cookbook, shows how to create delicious meals that are all raw and vegan-friendly in an easily accessible way.
“The way to good health free of pain is via the gut, also having an awareness of the food we eat,” Mathias said. As he put it, raw food is ‘live food for a living body’.
Entirely plant-based and uncooked, this food option maintains every important nutrient that nature has provided. Mathias, a passionate chef, author and owner of Australia’s first GoVegan Deli, has designed his recipes as a menu of small bites, all themed around an international cuisine. The book also includes mouth-watering desserts and sauces.
With his bold ability to capture the miracle of nature and create culinary masterpieces, he takes his readers on an inspirational nutritious adventure, using food as a healing tool. A must-have for those who are looking for a major change in their lives or simply want to think out of the box.