RATIONAL was presented with the SCI Equipment Bronze Award on 27th April 2018 for outstanding sustainability, cost savings and innovations claims of the SelfCookingCenter® over the other heavy kitchen equipment nominees.

“RATIONAL walks the talk – offering the people working in commercial kitchens the most beneficial solution to their thermal cooking tasks. This is only possible by recognising innovations that drive a sustainable future,” said Millie Chan, Managing Director of RATIONAL Cooking Systems Pte Ltd.

The SelfCookingCenter® intelligent features contribute to the cost savings and productivity of the foodservice industry. iCookingControl® automatically recognises the size and condition of the food products and sets the temperature, the cooking cabinet climate and the cooking time required. This result no monitoring or checking during the cooking process.

iLevelControl support the typical workflow of an à la carte restaurant. Different orders come in shortly one after another. With iLevelControl, different food items can be cooked at the same time on different levels by just dragging and dropping the cooking process to the corresponding level. The rack signalling in the integrated LED lighting shows by a blinking signal the level that has to be loaded or unloaded and thus eases the operation of the unit. This allows the chef to cook different dishes on different levels at the same time.

HiDensityControl® brings the evenness and efficient distribution of energy and produces optimum energy level and maximum steam saturation even with full food load offering high productivity with lower energy costs. The food turns out the same from the first to the last rack.

Efficient CareControl automatically detects the state of cleanliness and calcification and gives a cleaning recommendation based on the current usage of the unit. This helps to reduce the consumption of cleaning chemicals, water and energy to a minimum, ensuring optimal hygienic cleanliness. The automatic cleaning saves work labour and eliminates the cumbersome manual cleaning of kitchen equipment at the end of a long working day.

The latest addition of a networked kitchen by RATIONAL – ConnectedCooking – demonstrates the innovative aspect of product development. With ConnectedCooking, the customer always has everything under control: centralized appliance and cooking program management, remote access function via smart devices, automatic HACCP documentation, software updates, synchronization and backup of unit settings, service partner access or download recipes from the RATIONAL library conveniently onto customer devices. It is future API ready and all information is secured by latest encryption technology.

“Our recent adoption of ConnectedCooking has enabled us to attain full franchise insight and support capabilities, even for stores that are thousands of kilometres away,” said Callum Inglis, Group Product Officer of Cobb & Co. New Zealand. “We have just completed our biggest menu overhaul in five years; updating recipes in real-time and remotely was the greatest advantage ConnectedCooking delivered. The new recipes are rolled out seamlessly to the franchise stores, readily available for our operations team to introduce to the market.”

To learn more about the SelfCookingCenter®, please kindly contact us at +65 6809 5850 or visit our website at www.rational-online.sg or www.connectedcooking.com.