Publican John McHugh, owner of the Central Southland Lodge in Winton, has been inducted into the Hospitality NZ Hall of Fame in recognition for his contribution to the hospitality industry and to his local community.

In May this year, McHugh and his wife Nancy celebrated 25 years at the helm of the local Winton pub.

McHugh has contributed so much to the industry and his community over the last 25 years including being Hospitality NZ Southland Branch President for over 30 years and served 11 years on the Hospitality NZ National Board. Alongside running his business, he has also been a Local Community Board member for 18 years, the last 15 of which as Chair.

“The hospitality industry has served my wife Nancy and I incredibly well over the years, and when you love the industry and the community you work in naturally you want to give something back,” said McHugh. “We see our business as a hub for the community but you have to put the effort in at the grassroots to ensure small rural communities like ours thrive and have a sense of pride.”