Today’s consumers do many of their routine transactions online, but when they come into a business, that’s when businesses have the best chance to establish a relationship, nurture it, build loyalty and grow the value of its customer base.

With cash payments, as with all payments, businesses will want to have staff focus all their attention on customer interaction, on upselling, cross-selling and ensuring loyalty – essentially delivering service. To support those same cash transactions, too much of their time is spent on counting cash, giving change, checking notes and coins to ensure they are valid and add up to the right total, then transferring cash to the back office and getting it to the bank.

When so much time and attention is spent on validating, counting and moving cash, it is hard to make the most of the priceless opportunities offered by having customers in a business.

With CASHINFINITY™ in a business, major benefits are delivered at once, right across the retail cash chain.

CASHINFINITY™ automates virtually every part of the cash management process in the store. From counting the cash tendered by customers, to validating the coins and notes, dispensing the right change, moving cash in store and preparing cash ready for transfer to the bank.

CASHINFINITY™ solutions are highly secure and potentially offer self-service options anywhere that you need to take cash and give change. By using secure cassettes, security is greatly enhanced because there is no need to touch or manually count cash at any point from when it is tendered by the customer.

CASHINFINITY™ accelerates the movement of cash from the customer right the way through to the bank. Customer transactions become quicker, shift changes and store reconciliations take less time and shrinkage is greatly reduced.

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