Pretty in Pink from Locally Grown Cherries

Following on from the sell-out success of their Little Biddy Gin - Pink, made with locally grown West Coast berries in the summer of 2020, Reefton Distilling Co. have announced the launch of their new pink gin for the summer of 2021.

This West Coast distillery has continued to innovate with their use of New Zealand sourced ingredients, including native botanicals, to bring us the quintessential taste of the New Zealand summer. This latest new release, Little Biddy Gin – Pink, is made with juicy New Zealand cherries.

The taste of summer

Utilising the natural colour, sweetness and depth of this classic fruit, Reefton Distilling Co. have now created a rich, new gin with sweet citrus and subtle floral notes on the nose.

With a palate of warming spice followed by the complex sweetness and depth of New Zealand cherries, this gin is well suited to the addition of tonic or soda water to make a long refreshing drink.

Serve with a fresh sprig of thyme and a slice of lemon.

Little Biddy Gin – Pink is vapour infused with 10 botanicals, including New Zealand cherries and lemons, green and pink peppercorns, angelica, cardamom, cassia, coriander, juniper and liquorice root.

Perfect for any occasion, Little Biddy Gin – Pink, offers the taste of summer in a glass, whatever the season.

On sale from October 2021, in good time for the spring and summer months.