Delmaine toppings are all made in New Zealand to authentic recipes with premium quality ingredients. They are made in individual batches to strict QA guidelines in modern facilities in South Auckland. Suitable for multiple environments from premium restaurant dessert menus to ice cream bars. The full range of products ensures all users and needs are catered for, delivering quality and taste at a realistic price.


Two new exciting and topical flavours additions to the popular Delmaine Foodservice Topping range are hitting the market this month. Premium and decadent, Salted Caramel is an established foodie favourite. A traditional thick caramel topping with a contrasting tang of salt, it is sure to be popular across a variety of dessert solutions; from giving a premium twist to a simple sundae to adding a unique taste to a pie or tart. Fun and innovative with a unique colour and texture Jelly Topping is sure to be a hit with kids.

This raspberry flavoured topping has a jelly type feel and look and fits in well with recent food trends around this style of product. It is great to serve over ice cream or can be used to top a cheesecake or as a filling for cupcakes or muffins.