Incorrectly cut portions are costly mistakes in the food industry that add to food-cost problems. A solution to this is pre-portioned cuts of meat, cut to specifications and delivered to restaurants and retailers in vacuum-sealed packages. Solution to labour and waste, in spending a little more for accurate cuts, restaurants save valuable time that could be used for training and menu development.

Professionals who make a living through cutting meat provide greater accuracy than chefs who are trained in a range of duties. For busy restaurants handing over this responsibility reduces waste of valuable time and money. National Beef, America employs skilled meat cutters and the use of portioning machines to ensure precision in the portions they provide. When cutting in bulk, even professional cutters risk degradation of their product – such as oxidisation triggering browning in meat. National Beef avoids this issue as each portion is sealed immediately after exiting the slicer.

Having pre-portioned meat available in restaurant kitchens allows chefs to target needs more effectively without spending more money on meat orders than necessary.