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Yelp data has revealed a 63 percent increase in plant-based burger mentions in reviews.

Drawing from nearly 200 million reviews, the platform saw a surge of mentions in major US cities including Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Detroit. Plant-based brands like the Impossible Burger were also reported to have tripled in mentions in 2018. The company predicts that the trend will only continue to grow strong in the coming years.

In August, to commemorate its 15th anniversary, Yelp launched a data-driven website called The site allows visitors to browse trends that have risen in popularity since the platform’s launch in 2004. Plant-based favourites like Oat Milk and the Impossible Burger were listed to have had the most significant spike in popularity in 2019, as well as Acai Bowl, street corn and CBD. Alongside the launch of the site, a new iOS update was unveiled by the app that allows users to use new lifestyle filters that suit their dietary preferences including a vegan option that provides suggestions for plant-based menus only.

A spokesperson for Yelp shared that the recent changes were motivated by their desire to start an open conversation with people to discover their preferences like adhering to a vegan or vegetarian diet. They hope to give users the control to transform the app by turning it into a personal concierge for all things locals all while saving them time and energy.