Parking restrictions “good for business”

A Christchurch café is praising the council’s decision to restrict parking in the Port Hills, saying that it will ultimately benefit their business. Sign of the Kiwi, which sits at the intersection of Summit Rd and Dyers Pass Rd has found in the past that the carparks, of which there are only 12, are often occupied by people who are walking the many tracks in the Port Hills – taking up space for those who wish to eat at the café.

“I think the restrictions are going to be positive for us because there’s not that many car parks,” said owner Eric Devos. “Right now the car park is full and there are only four people in the cafe … if they keep doing that there are no car parks available for the customers.”

Devos said that the café staff carpool to work each day to keep as many car parking spaces open as possible.

“We’re doing our part on our side, so if people also make an effort its easy.”

The lack of parking currently sees people parking along the verge of Summit Rd – areas which were not designed for parking. The Banks Peninsula Community Board approved the proposal last week, but will be carrying out monitoring to ensure the plan is successful.