Greytown restaurant owners have received overwhelming support following a homophobic incident that went public.

A customer of Saluté left a Facebook review for the Wairarapa café, detailing how they were told to avoid Saluté because it was run by “two gay men from America” and that “locals don’t eat there.”

Alexia Black, the person who wrote the review, then said that the people that warned them of Saluté said they hadn’t eaten the food in over a year.

Black went on to ignore the homophobic warning and commented on the pleasant experience her cohort all had at the café.

The review racked up over 1000 reactions in just 15 hours, also finding its way to Twitter. Soon-to-be customers from all over New Zealand have responded with further support, many of which are saying that they’ll make a trip to Saluté especially.

Although the owners of Saluté, Ken Miller and husband Jason Brumbaugh were hurt by the incident, they said that this was not new to them, and it has not changed the way they view Greytown.

The couple said that the response has been extraordinary and that they feel as though this is the New Zealand that they had originally fallen in love with.