Brown Family Wine Group Reaches Top Certification

Brown Family Wine Group understands that sustainability is essential for the longevity of its multi-generational company. They are proud to announce the certification of their Tasmanian vineyards, Heathcote Vineyard, and two winemaking sites in Milawa and Launceston under the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia scheme. 

According to Brett McClen, Head of Viticulture and Sustainability at Brown Family Wine Group, this certification is a significant milestone in the vineyard’s sustainability journey and we are incredibly proud of it.

“Moving forward, we will continue to build on this achievement by seeking Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certification for our remaining company-owned vineyards at Milawa, Banksdale, and Mystic Park in FY24,” McClen adds.  

Dean Carroll, CEO of Brown Family Wine Group, acknowledges the tremendous effort that went into obtaining this certification.

"It's been truly inspiring to see the level of dedication to sustainability in our viticulture and winemaking processes,” said Carroll  

Brown Family Wine Group's commitment to sustainability in winemaking reflects a growing trend in the wine industry towards more environmentally and socially responsible practices, as the industry seeks to reduce its impact on the planet and ensure a viable future for wine production. 

“I believe that by prioritising sustainability, we can not only protect the environment but also enhance the quality of our wines and improve the long-term viability of our business,” added Carroll.

“I look forward to seeing our sustainability efforts drive positive change not just within our company, but across the wine industry as a whole.”