A new online contact tracing service would allow shoppers to sign in when they enter a store, without the need for a tracking app on their phone.

“We came up with the idea for Check-In after talking to clients and realising many of them were struggling to manage the process required for contact tracing,” said Customer Radar chief executive Mat Wylie.

With online contact tracing retailers would display a poster in the window or doorway prompting customers to check in via a QR code, the website landing page or text message.

“There is a lot of confusion out there for people, and we wanted to make the process as seamless as possible for both the business owners and their customers,” explained Wylie.

The platform removed the need to touch a communal pen or sign-in sheet. The company developed an online service rather than an app to ensure people weren't caught out by technological requirements.

The company had also worked with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to ensure Check-in met privacy standards and best practice.

Check-In launched on April 9 and is in place at a handful of stores. Wiley expected demand to increase once the Government announced a timeline for the country's shift to level 2.