Ode Conscious Dining nearing reopening

Last August a fire forced Wanaka restaurant Ode Conscious Dining to close. Now, around nine months later, and after a long and drawn out consent process, Ode Conscious Dining is looking to reopen. The restaurant has acquired building consent, and over the next few weeks, renovations and interior redecoration will occur as they aim for a reopening in late June.

Lucas Parkinson, head chef at Ode Conscious Dining said that the process had been frustrating and challenging. At the same time, Parkinson expressed his gratitude for the amount of support he had received from the Wanaka community.

Parkinson displayed a resilient spirit, saying that he aims to continue growing and aiming higher. He also said that the restaurant would not be the same when it reopens, adding in an additional service for breakfast as well as some changes to the kitchen and dining areas.